Someday I hope to pay this $200 award. (I've been offering a reward for months.)

Someday I hope U.S. Focus on the Family will officially condone divorce for domestic violence and will add it to their list of accepted biblical reasons.

Someday I hope U.S. Focus on the Family shows they actually care enough about the 1-in-4 Christian families that have reported interpersonal violence that they change their official policy.



SEE RULES ABOVE: If you think you found an official statement from U.S. Focus on the Family (on their site:, not the Canadian site ending with .ca) saying that divorce is "okay" or "acceptable" or "biblical" or "valid" for physical abuse or emotional abuse (in other words, condoning of it in cases of abuse, just as they do with adultery, sexual immorality, and abandonment) then contact me.


Abused Wives are Being Sacrificed So Focus on the Family Can Make Money $$$

Focus on the Family uses their STOP DIVORCE message to bring in donations. This expensive advertisement says: "Broken Couples need your help! STOP DIVORCE! Just $30 can save a marriage from divorce." It appeared on the Merriam-Webster Dictionary website, not on their own site. Focus on the Family is spending people's donations to pay for these advertisements.

Did you know Focus on the Family does not condone divorce for domestic violence? Is that okay with you? Abused wives and kids are being sacrificed so that Focus on the Family can make money.

When safety isn't the issue... All Focus on the Family cares about is your marital status (2)

About me:

I'm an Evangelical Christian and a Baby Boomer. I've donated thousands of dollars to Focus. I've listened to hundreds of their broadcasts. I've been to their headquarters and bookstore multiple times. I've read and recommended their books. I've gotten many of their magazines over the years. I've sent my teens of their Brio overseas missions trips.  BUT NOT ANYMORE. I cannot support an organization that lets women die trapped in these marriages. 



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