Finding Peace After Divorce with Shirley Fessel (Audio & Transcript)


Shirley Fessel, author of Redemption from Biblical Battering

Feb 11, 2020 – Shirley Fessel, author of the workbook, Redemption from Biblical Battering, tells her story. From childhood, her dream was to live her life in the service of the Lord. After graduation, she went into the National Teacher Corp, where she met a dynamic ordained minister who knew the Bible well and spoke eloquently. Together they wanted to do good things together and so they married. But things didn’t go as she had hoped. He demanded her full salary for himself and didn’t give her enough money to buy even a basic skirt. She ignored his behavior, and told herself that material possessions weren’t that important to her. They had children and her husband started to become violent and intimidating to all of them. 

Shirley’s story is a help to anyone who needs help leaving a relationship and is afraid they won’t be able to survive financially.

Listen here:  Shirley Fessel’s Testimony – 57 minutes

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