Welcome to The Life-Saving Divorce

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Welcome to The Life-Saving Divorce

You may well ask: What is a life-saving divorce?

A life-saving divorce is a divorce for serious reasons. It's the opposite of a frivolous divorce, a sinful divorce, or a selfish divorce. It's not a "I-miss-the-party-life" divorce, or an "I'm bored" divorce, or an "I'm unfulfilled" divorce.

Nearly half of divorces in America are the result of terrible betrayals: a pattern of adultery, sexual immorality, domestic violence, chronic emotional abuse, abandonment (neglect of duty), or squandering the family's rent and grocery money due to addictions. I call these the Life-Saving Divorces. (You may ask: Is it really nearly half of all U.S. divorces? Do that many people behave that badly in marriage? Yes, I give the evidence for that claim here.)

And if  you need a life-saving divorce, you'll find love, support, and courage on this website. This site is for you. It's a big hug.  Believe me, I know what you're going through. I understand, and I'm on your side.

You Can Love God and Still Get a Divorce

And get this, God will still love you. Really.

Are you in a destructive marriage? One of emotional, physical, or verbal abuse? Infidelity? Neglect?

If yes, you know you need to escape, but you’re probably worried about going against God’s will. I have good news for you. You might need to divorce to save your life and sanity. And God is right beside you.

In The Life-Saving Divorce Book You’ll Learn:

  • How to know if you should stay or if you should go.
  • The four key Bible verses that support divorce for infidelity, neglect, and physical and/or emotional abuse.
  • Twenty-seven myths about divorce that aren’t true for many Christians.
  • Why a divorce is likely the absolute best thing for your children.
  • How to deal with friends and family who disapprove of divorce.
  • How to find safe friends and churches after a divorce.

Can you find happiness after leaving your destructive marriage? Absolutely yes! You can get your life back and flourish more than you thought possible.

Are you ready? Then let’s go. It’s time to be free.

Let's start first with debunking the myth that your children will destroyed for the rest of their lives due to divorce.  Sign up for my email list (below) to download the evidence that this myth simply isn't true—at least not anymore.

P.S. Yes, this is a book for Christians and other people of devout faith. It is listed in Amazon's Christian Counseling & Recovery category. (And by the way, publishers said a Christian book on life-saving divorces would never sell. They were wrong.)

Life-Saving Divorce, ranked No. 3, in the Christian Counseling category on Amazon. Screen capture 1-11-22
Life-Saving Divorce, ranked No. 3, in the Christian Counseling category on Amazon. Screen capture 1-11-22

Are you going through a life-saving divorce? I’d like to invite you to my private Facebook group, "Life-Saving Divorce for Separated or Divorced Christians." Just click the link and ANSWER the 4 QUESTIONS. This is a group for women and men of faith who have walked this path, or are considering it. Supporters and people helpers are also welcome.  I’ve written a book about spiritual abuse and divorce for Christians, The Life-Saving Divorce: Paperback: https://amzn.to/3cF1j25  Or eBook: https://amzn.to/3CCBsnr

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For any good parent facing divorce, one top concern is their children. Will my children have lifelong damage due to a divorce? (No, most do not.) Are they likely to spiral down into drugs or alcohol abuse? (No, 9 in 10 do not.) Will my child's marriage be highly likely to end in divorce just because mine did? (No, not anymore.) Will my kids be better off in a higher-income two-parent home, even if there’s a lot of tension and distress? (It's likely better for your children to be out of a high-conflict, highly distressed home.)

The good news is that in Life-Saving Divorces, kids usually turn out fine after divorce. The vast majority have no serious or lifelong problems. If you sign up for my free mailing list, I will send you a link to 3 studies that will encourage you, plus 5 parenting tips that researchers say make a big difference—and will cost you nothing to do.

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About Me

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About Me

I started leading Christian divorce recovery groups in the 1990s. Since then I've listened to many heartbreaking stories of betrayal and abuse.

Christian women and men find themselves married to serial cheaters, sexually immoral spouses, or physically or emotionally or verbally abusive spouses. They tried to fix their marriage. They prayed. They forgave. They got counseling. They talked to their pastor, but nothing changed. The horror continued. 

Finally they decided: “It’s over. I can’t go on any longer. For myself and for the sake of my children, I need to end it."

If you are going through a life-saving divorce, there is hope and happiness for you (and your kids)! You are not alone. 

If you are a friend or family member or caring Christian leader, please sign up for the free emails! You will learn how to support them with God’s loving strength and courage.

—Gretchen Baskerville (Twitter @GGBaskerville)

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