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Note about this "10 Turning Points" Series: A turning point is that eye-opening moment when you know you must get out of your marriage to save your life and sanity, and your children's. This series is based on my 20 years' experience as a Christian divorce recovery leader, and on interviews of people who love God, take their beliefs seriously, yet finally divorced. They hung on longer and tried harder than most people would have. They were in marriages where there was a pattern of adultery, sexual immorality, domestic violence, chronic emotional or verbal abuse, abandonment, or neglect due to addictions. These are the Life-Saving Divorces.
You can love God AND get a divorce.
And God will still love you. Really.

People of faith stay longer and endure worse treatment in these painful marriages than most people.[1] They often prefer a bad marriage to a divorce. And if they are surrounded by friends and family who value marriage at all costs, they are very hesitant to leave unless their lives are miserable… very miserable.

I feel honored when a person tells me their divorce story. It requires trust. If they are a Christian or any devoutly religious person, it is likely I’m going to hear a story of tremendous pain. Some of the stories have been so heinous they kept me up at night. Yet these dear women and men were willing to share, so that others could learn from their stories. They also wanted to give hope that there is life on the other side.


Turning Point 1. Fear: I Escaped and Never Came Back

Turning Point 2. Protecting My Children from Direct or Indirect Abuse

Turning Point 3. I Can’t Take it Anymore: Depression, Suicidal Thoughts, Medical Issues

Turning Point 4. Help! I Am Alone with the Abuser

Turning Point 5. This Really Is Abuse!

Turning Point 6. Someone I Respected Told Me I was Free to Go—If I Wanted To

Turning Point 7. An Old Friend Told Me I Was Worthy of Love, Not Disrespect

Turning Point 8. A Friend Walked with Me and Gave Me Courage

Turning Point 9. Prayer: God Told Me I Could Go

Turning Point 10. My Spouse Divorced or Walked Out on Me


I cover these 10 Turning Points in my book The Life-Saving Divorce, in Chapter 5, on page 176-197.



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