Overview: This is Myth 14 of 27 Myths about divorce that aren't likely to be true of committed Christians who love God and take their faith seriously. These messages make us worry if we're pleasing God. They contain little accusations that our motives aren't right. They make us second-guess ourselves when we try to get ourselves and our children to safety. Many of us have heard these messages all our lives and wanted to avoid them.  So although these myths may be true for people who are selfish or immature, they aren't true for a person who invested their heart and soul into the relationship, even when the other person didn't.  See all the myths on one page. See the next myth.

MYTH: Divorcing bestows a curse on your family.

TRUTH: A life-saving divorce brings God’s freedom to the family, not a curse.

This false belief teaches people that getting divorced bestows a curse on your family. It says that a divorced family is a broken family, and a black cloud will be with them forever—the members of that family will never do well in life, never mature, never thrive, and never become respectable people.

In reality, a family with a parent who indulges in long-term immoral behavior is already broken. Far from bestowing a curse on the family, the divorce brings God’s freedom into the family. It frees the innocent spouse and children from bondage to this toxic system forever.

“In some cases, divorce may be the best option for husbands and wives in a difficult or dangerous marriage. Domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and infidelity—among other things—are certainly legitimate grounds…”[1] —W. Bradford Wilcox, Institute for Family Studies (a pro-family think tank)


1   W. Bradford Wilcox, “Three Reasons Not to Make This January Your Divorce Month,” Institute for Family Studies (1/11/17), accessed 9/2/19, https://ifstudies.org/blog/three-reasons-not-to-make-thisjanuary-your-divorce-month.

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