Basic tips about divorce and family law court for people starting the divorce process

Just by watching this one-hour video, you’ll save hundreds of dollars (and lots of embarrassing mistakes) just by understanding the general concepts of family law court. I asked her the tough questions: How to pick an attorney? Should I delete my social media accounts? If I take psychiatric medications, will that count against me? What if I think my computer and phone are hacked? Can I change the locks?
00:40 - Where do I start if I want to divorce?
01:00 – A notebook for your attorney
01:50 - Be aware of what types of information is “discoverable” by the other attorney. Know the penalty for not turning it over.
03:20 – Interviewing attorneys – What to look for?
04:48 – What will my attorney want to know? How much do I need to tell them?
05:00 – What can I do to keep costs down and prepare for my first meeting with the attorney?
07:20 – Documenting your time caring for children, down to the specific responsibilities.
07:50 – Holley Factors to determine what is the in the best interest of the child. These Texas guidelines are helpful no matter what state you’re in, to understand how the court views the situation. Go to www.lifesavingdivorce.com/holley for more information
08:00 - Gather 3rd-party backup to document your involvement with your children, in the form of school records, parent-teacher conferences, coaches, youth group leaders, etc.
08:45 – What kind of 3rd party backup do I need?
09:30 - Documentation from bosses and co-workers about harassment during the work day
10:15 - Getting documentation from management if you spouse tries to get you fired.
10:50 - Putting together a full witness list - People who know your story.
12:30 - Mental health treatment and the courts.
13:00 – How does the court see my mental health issues? Will they hold it against me if I’m depressed, bipolar, etc.?
13:15 - What if my ex says I'm crazy and have mental health issues?
14:00 – How do I document abuse that doesn’t leave bruises? Emotional abuse and the importance of 3rd party evidence.
17:00 – What if my ex looks great in court?
19:30 - Can my ex fool the judge?
20:45 – Courts ask for evidence. They don’t just trust one person’s word against the other.
22:20 – What to tell the kids.
23:40 – Co-parenting with an abuser. Keep and save the hostile texts, emails, and voice mails between the parties. (If you’ve left an abusive message, tell your attorney.)
26:30 – Call 9-1-1 if there’s been criminal behavior (threats, harassment, stalking, child abuse).
27:00 – What if the police don’t take it seriously, and do nothing? Then what?
30:15 – Can I change the locks on my home if awarded to me in temporary orders?
31:30 – Can I take my half of the money out of the bank?
32:50 – Can I pay for my attorney from our joint bank account?
34:30 – Staying safe online. Create a special email just for interacting with your attorney.
35:00 – Hacking into email is a crime. No one is allowed to put software or location trackers on someone else’s phone. And attorneys can subpoena ALL emails and social media accounts.
36:15 – Should I get off all social media? If not, should I delete the embarrassing things?
37:15 – Can I date or flirt or get close to someone online during my divorce?
38:00 – Can my comment in a private Facebook group be subpoenaed? Will it go against me, or might it help?
39:30 – What if I post evidence of abuse on social media?
40:30 – How do I know if I’m being hacked or tracked by my ex?
41:80 – How can I find a forensic specialist/investigator to sweep my car for GPS devices?
43:20 – Should I file first?
43:50 – Can my spouse stop a divorce by avoiding process servers?
45:50 – What if my ex injures one of our children?
46:30 – What is a GAL, guardian ad litem or amicus? Must I cooperate and participate in the process?
49:00 – Forensic psychological evaluations. Can they flip custody? Can my ex game the test?
56:50 – Will I find emotional support and moral vindication from the judge?
57:50 – Can I get more financial support if my ex committed adultery?
1:03:40 – How to build my credit during divorce if my parents help me with the legal fees.

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