Boundaries Book Discussion Group Calendar for April - June 2021

(We will not watch a video every week)

Boundaries Book Discussion Group Calendar

April 14-June 9, 2021


Week Date READ Boundaries Book WATCH Boundaries Video (if any)
1 4/14 Chapter 1 – A Day in a Boundaryless Life Introduction video -
2 4/21 Chapter 2 – What Does a Boundary look like? Session 1 -

[Optional] Session 2 This is a clinical discussion of depression and anxiety and we won’t be discussing this -

3 4/28 Chapter 3 – Boundaries Problems: 4 Personality Types: Compliants, Avoidants, Controllers, and Nonresponsives No video this week.
[Optional] Watch Bob Hamp video: “Dynamics of Abuse”


4 5/5 Chapter 5 –10 Laws of Boundaries (Laws 1-5, p. 85-94) Session 3 – 29 min (Laws 1-5)
5 5/12 Chapter 5 –10 Laws of Boundaries (Laws 6-10, p. 94-104) Session 4 – 20 min (Laws 6-10)
6 5/19 Chapter 6 - Common Boundary Myths Session 5 (29 min) -
7 5/26 Chapter 9 - Boundaries in Marriage + 2 extra pages on Dating (p. 148-149) Boundaries in Marriage (12 min) – (starts at 2:29)
Boundaries in Dating
(10 min) -
8 6/2 Chapter 10 - Boundaries with Children You pick the age of your kids:

·      For children under 12 (50 min) –

·      For teens (15 min)-

·      For adult children (11 min) -

9 6/9 Chapter 12 – Resistance to Boundaries – People will judge your freedom, truth, or righteousness. They will respond with anger. Resistance to Boundaries (31 min) -


On Your Own: How to Measure Your Success with Boundaries – Chapter 16 of the Boundaries book for a checklist and this Session 8 video


Note: Cloud & Townsend's 2017 Edition of BOUNDARIES has 17 chapters. This discussion group focuses on the foundational chapters (Chapters 1-6), plus the chapters on marriage and dating and children (key topics for people who've had life-saving divorces or separations).

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Self-Doubt, Second-Guessing Ourselves, and Gaslighting


Children and Divorce: Researchers Give Hope


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Recommended Reading List and Free Resources for Christians and Other People of Faith


Common Myths






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