Am I Being Abused? Am I in Danger?

FREE Questionnaires and Assessments

Are you wondering if you're being abused or if this is a typical marriage? Do other marriages have a lot of fear and confusion and secrets in them? Are other spouses pressured to do things when they are exhausted or ill?

Do you feel that you're always walking on eggshells around your spouse? Or that your spouse doesn't care if you live or die?

Do you try to be 100% perfect but still get criticized? Perhaps you are in a destructive marriage. Here are several self-tests to find out.



FREE Abuse and Danger Self-Tests, Assessments, and Questionnaires

  • Free Questionnaire: Are You In An Emotionally Destructive Relationship? - Leslie Vernick


  • Free MOSAIC Threat Assessment (Choose from: domestic violence, or workplace violence, or student threat)



  • Free Danger Assessment for Homicide Risk, Jacquelyn C. Campbell, Ph.D., R.N., Johns Hopkins


  • Free Questionnaire: Women’s Covert Abuse Assessment (enter your email and the survey will be sent to you with Ch 1 of her book) – Natalie Hoffman

  • Free survey from the Office on Women's Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


  • Free face-to-face questions to ask (Stanford Health Center Standardized Intake Admission and Abuse Screening) - These mainly apply to physical abuse.


1. What stresses do you experience in your relationships?
2. Do you feel safe in your relationship?
3. People in relationships sometimes fight. What happens when you and your partner disagree?
4. Have there been situations in your relationship where you have felt afraid?
5. Have you been physically hurt or threatened by your partner?
6. Has your partner forced you to engage in sexual activities that you didn’t want?
7. Are your friends and family aware of what is going on?
8. Do you have a safe place to go in an emergency?





How to Legally Document Your Story: Injuries, Fears, and Threats

Legal Documentation of Your Abuse – Free

How to Create an Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit - Free
"The purpose of this is to document your experiences, in your own words, and make a record of the abuse. You will place this Evidentiary Will and Abuse Affidavit document, which has been signed by you and notarized by witnesses, in a secure location. By filling this EAA app out online, is one way it will be kept in a secure location....  This contains information that is critical to your security. Leaving an abuser is a serious issue, and it requires careful planning. Whether leaving is not an option for you at the moment, [it is] strongly recommend you proceed with completing the Abuse Affidavit and video.... In the event that something happens to you, this information will be invaluable to the police, detectives and the legal system, ensuring that the person responsible is arrested and ultimately charged in your case."

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