Free Kindle giveaway launches "The Life-Saving Divorce" to #1 in the Category

Wow! Thank you! Today you guys put my book on the best-seller list for Amazon's Christian Counseling & Recovery category. The Kindle version of "THE LIFE-SAVING DIVORCE" is free today and tomorrow (January 27-28, 2021)

Free Kindle giveaway launched "The Life-Saving Divorce" to #1 in the category

The Life-Saving Divorce: Hope for People Leaving Destructive Relationships is available on Amazon:

Two Ways to Read this Book


1.  The FAST way.

Just read the Introduction and Chapter 1, then jump to the topic you want.

Life-Saving Divorce: Popular Chapters Quick Guide Infographic
Life-Saving Divorce: Popular Chapters Quick Guide Infographic

Two Ways to Read this Book


2.  The SLOW way.

Read the book and fill out the study guides as you go!  Then enjoy the videos of the author explaining each chapter.

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Video of the author explaining each chapter.

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Physical and Emotional Abuse & Infidelity


God Allows Divorce to Protect Victims


Does God Hate Divorce? No, Most English Bible Translations Don’t Say That


How to Find a Good Supportive Church


What If My Pastor Says It Would Be Wrong to Get Divorced for Abuse?


Divorce Saves Lives: The Surprising (Wonderful!) Truth About Divorce Nobody Told You

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Finding Happiness and Health After Divorce


Thriving After Divorce: These Christians Tell their Stories

Self-Doubt, Second-Guessing Ourselves, and Gaslighting


Children and Divorce: Researchers Give Hope


High Conflict Divorce and Parenting


Recommended Reading List and Free Resources for Christians and Other People of Faith


Common Myths






GET THE BOOK! The Life-Saving Divorce is about divorces for very serious reasons: a pattern of sexual immorality, physical abuse, chronic emotional abuse, life-altering addictions, abandonment, or severe neglect. This book will give you hope for your future, and optimism about your children. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.



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