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For any good parent facing divorce, one top concern is their children. Will my children have lifelong damage due to a divorce? (No, most do not.) Are they likely to spiral down into drugs or alcohol abuse? (No, 9 in 10 do not.) Will my child's marriage be highly likely to end in divorce just because mine did? (No, not anymore.) Will my kids be better off in a higher-income two-parent home, even if there’s a lot of tension and distress? (It's likely better for your children to be out of a high-conflict, highly distressed home.)

The good news is that in Life-Saving Divorces, kids usually turn out fine after divorce. The vast majority have no serious or lifelong problems. If you sign up for my free mailing list, I will send you a link to 3 studies that will encourage you, plus 5 parenting tips that researchers say make a big difference—and will cost you nothing to do.

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About Me

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About Me

I started leading Christian divorce recovery groups in the 1990s. Since then I've listened to many heartbreaking stories of betrayal and abuse.

Christian women and men find themselves married to serial cheaters, sexually immoral spouses, or physically or emotionally or verbally abusive spouses. They tried to fix their marriage. They prayed. They forgave. They got counseling. They talked to their pastor, but nothing changed. The horror continued. 

Finally they decided: “It’s over. I can’t go on any longer. For myself and for the sake of my children, I need to end it."

If you are going through a life-saving divorce, there is hope and happiness for you (and your kids)! You are not alone. 

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—Gretchen Baskerville (Twitter @GGBaskervile)

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