About Me: If you're new to my blog, read this first. I started leading Christian divorce recovery groups in Evangelical churches in 1998. I write about "life-saving divorces," those divorces that are for very serious reasons. "Life-Saving divorces" make up nearly half of divorces in the United States. Read the definition HERE.  If you want to know why you should should have a nuanced view of divorce, see THIS. And here is the biblical rationale for condoning divorce. Although I believe many divorces are treacherous and/or sinful, I also believe a loving God gave divorce to protect the lives of his beloved people, who are made in his image, by allowing them to get out of destructive marriages.

5 Questions Good Parents Ask, And 5 Studies to Bring Hope when You NEED a Divorce

1) Will my kids have serious life-long harm if I divorce?   (No.)
2) Are my kids likely to have drug/alcohol abuse problems?  (No.)
3) Are my kids likely to be suspended or expelled? (No.)
4) Are my kids likely to divorce too? (No.)
5) When is divorce good for kids, and when is it bad? (Divorce is good for kids if the marriage is abusive or high-conflict due to the bad behavior of one of the parents.)

BONUS: How much does emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, addictions, and mental illness in the home affect kids? (It affects them a lot more than we were told. It can do life-long damage to their health as adults.)

All the researchers' sources and citations are shown either in the images, below the graphs, or at the end of the video.

(For more on this topic, and more detail read chapter 7 in my book, The Life-Saving #Divorce.) #marriage #abuse #domesticviolence

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